General rules

1.1 No hacking
1.2 Exploiting any game or mods bugs is strictly forbidden
1.3 No mesh biting
1.4 Insiding is forbidden the tribe owner has full ownership of the tribe. if a player want to take items/ dinos with him when leaving the tribe must ask permission from the tribe owner
1.5 Trying to lag/ crash a server is forbidden
1.6 A tribe owner can be voted off if atleast half the tribe votes for it
1.7 You are not allowed to rotate tribe members
1.8 spamming structures is allowed as long as it is not over excessive
1.9 stacking dinos into each other is not allowed

Building rules

2.1 Tunneling into bases is forbidden (This doesn't include raft raiding)
2.2 Structures must be hittable at al times
2.3 Do not build nearby or in any of these locations
  • City terminals
  • Spawn points
  • Wyvren scars
  • genesis vulcano (Wild only turrets are allowed)
  • Ragnarok jungle cave
  • Obelisks except aberration
  • Bee cave
  • Valguero abb zone entrance
  • Genesis missions

2.4 Do not build invisable structures
2.5 Base spots must be accesible without chairs, zipline, knock-out, riding on a dino and without placing beds/teleporters through the mesh and you need to be able to enter the spot without structures (crouch holes)
2.6 Sleeping bags must be vissable at all times
2.7 Base spots where you can look outside of a mesh are not allowed
2.8 Building in unintended game-zones areas is not allowed
2.9 Platform saddle builds may not be higher than 4 walls
3.0 Spamming excessive amount of structures in cave entrances is not allowed

Chat rules

3.1 Be respectful to each other
3.2 Thrash-talking is allowed but don't go to far
3.3 Impersonating admins is forbidden
3.4 Keep the global chat english only different languages are allowed in pm

PVP rules

4.1 Caging people is allowed aslong as it's done while the player is only and a limit of 24 hours
4.2 pvp teaming is forbidden however you can pve team for example trading/ bosses
4.3 Popcorning, transfering or teleporting loot away is forbidden while being raided
4.4 Third partying is allowed aslong as you fight al tribes
4.5 Involving in a raid as a third party is only allowed when you have atleas a fob close, enough loot to wipe the fob and continue to raid the defending tribe and you have to fob the defending tribe for atleast 1 hour
4.6 Countering fobs as a third party tribe is allowed aslong as you continue the raid
4.7 Meshing is strictly forbidden
4.8 You have to remove your fob within 4 hours after your raid finished
4.9 Tuso c4/ tuso carbo c4 is not allowed